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About me

Hey, thanks for stumbling across my site! I use this to document some of the projects that I work on that I think other people might find helpful or interesting. If I’ve helped at least one person, then my mission has been accomplished.

I’m the author of this website, Ricardo Angeli. I’ve been passionate about computers and building stuff since I was a little kid. When it came time to choose a college major, I picked Computer Engineering and started studying at the University of Central Florida. Early on, I started this blog to document a couple projects I was working on.

Since then, I’ve been very busy studying for class as well as working on a handful of projects on my free time. As I progressed through my major, I got more and more interested in electronic hardware and decided to pursue an Electrical Engineering degree as well as Computer Engineering. It was a lot of extra classwork, but I enjoyed receiving an education that spanned from semiconductor physics to transistors and basic circuits to computer architecture to assembly code and to high-level software and beyond.

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of work on designing projects in Verilog for Xilinx FPGA’s as part of my coursework. I’m also spending time working on my senior design project with my group. On Spring 2016, I finally graduate with a bachelor’s in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Currently, I’m also applying for jobs after graduation. If you have a position available that relates to embedded systems, FPGA engineering, or electronics test or design; feel free to contact me via email. You can also look at my resume here.

About this site

This site has been designed using Jekyll. It’s a great tool for creating blogs while maintaining full control of the HTML code. The theme I’m using is a customized version of Lanyon.