Behold, my artistic talents!!

'Bout it:
This little build will go through several manufacturer's TV codes for turning off (or on) nearly any kind of television.  It does take a while to go through the program so depending on how weird your TV is, it might take up to a minute to find the right code--though it does my Samsung in about 2 seconds.

Yeah, I know.  It's like that "TV Be-Gone" thing.  Well go ahead, spend twenty bucks on it and buy it then... Or you can make it yourself!


You just need:
(1) Arduino (I have an UNO, but it will work on anything)
(2) IR LEDs
(1)10k Ohm Resistor
(2)470 Ohm Resistors
(1)Push Button

I used TWO LEDs to improve the range, but it will work with just one of course. Ditto with the 470 Ohm resistors.

The Making Of:
So to wire it,

Step 1:
Wire the pushbutton with one pin to +5 volts on the Arduino and the other pin on the same side to a 10k Resistor that goes to Ground.  Wire the pin on the opposite side of ground to port 3 on the Arduino.

Step 2:
Next, we're wiring up the LEDs.  Connect the positive side (longer pin on the LED) of each to its own 470 Ohm resistor, the negative sides to ground.  Then connect both resistors to port 2.

OK, here is where we need to have a little chat.  As it turns out, it's not as easy as it seems making the IR LEDs spit out all of these TV Remote sequences.  One needs to find all of the codes ONLY for the power on/off and make sure it appears only once in the list or else the TV may turn off and then turn back on again.

Fortunately thanks to Ken Shirriff (who posted this code on the internets), he actually ported over the firmware for the official TV Be-Gone to the Arduino platform.  It was a little dated so I changed the ports it used.  Be forewarned that trying to understand this code as a beginner will be very challenging.

P.S: The download is at the bottom of the post, this is where ALL downloads will be in this blog.  If it's broken, let me know.

P.P.S: To use the Arduino sketch, simply copy the "TVB" folder into your My Documents>Arduino folder and then open the Arduino IDE, go down "Sketches" and "TVB" should be there.

The Final Result:

Here it is.  Again, it does take a little bit to find the right code, but it should get it eventually.  I have NO IDEA what the pushbutton does, if you do please tell me.  It's there because it won't run without it but you don't ever need to push it at any point.  Also, the range is not too great, probably no more than like 6 inches away.

Finished Product

As I mentioned, you can have it work with one LED or make it work with 64 if you wanted to.  I just had 2 so I used them.  What else are can you do with IR LEDs??

Anyway in this pic, you can SEE the infrared!!! ZOMG!!

See the little purplish light in the LEDs?  That, sir, is INFRA-RED.

So, did you build it?  Questions? Comments? Rants?

As always thanks for reading :-)