My name is Ricardo Angeli and I'm a freshman studying Computer Engineering at the University of Central Florida.  I created this blog to track down some of the electronic crap I've made and what I'm currently working on as well as stuff that's happening in my life.

Now as you may have noticed, this blog is called "Ricky's Amateur Electronics".  There is a reason: I'm just starting out playing around with microcontrollers, servos, resistors, etc.

So unfortunately, you won't be seeing any flying cars, LED rave-suits, or 3D printers--at least anytime soon.  However, I will promise to document my builds thoroughly (unless I don't feel like it ;)   ).  And who knows?  Maybe when I get better at this stuff I could start making flying cars, LED suits, and 3D printers...  But for now, thanks for reading and ENJOY!